Why Parents Day Should Be More Than Just Another Hallmark Holiday

Parents Day

Are you tired of feeling like Parents Day is just another excuse for card companies to make a profit? It’s time to take back the meaning behind this special Day and genuinely celebrate all our parents do for us. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the history of Parents Day, why it’s essential, and how you can make it more than just another Hallmark holiday. So take a coffee (or tea! ), and let’s discuss how to express gratitude to our parents, who gave us everything.

What is Parents Day?

Parents Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring and appreciating parents’ love, hard work, and sacrifice. It’s celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July each year in the United States. While it may not be as well-known as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Parents’ Day holds equal importance.

The idea for this Day came from a South Korean tradition known as “Mother’s Day.” 1994: President Bill Clinton approved a legislative resolution establishing Parents Day in the US. The purpose of this festival is to honor all kinds of parents, whether biological or adopted.

This Day serves as an opportunity for children to express their gratitude towards their parents for everything they have done throughout their lives. Doing so helps strengthen family bonds and promotes harmony within households.

Parents Day allows us to appreciate what our parents have given us without expecting anything in return. It reminds us that being thankful for our loved ones should not just be limited to one Day but something we do every single Day of our lives.

The History of Parents’ Day

A statute establishing Parents Day on the fourth Sunday in July was enacted by President Bill Clinton in 1994. However, the holiday has been celebrated unofficially since at least the 1930s, when Korean Christian activist Ann Jarvis started promoting it.

Jarvis believed that parents were the backbone of society and should be honored for their hard work and dedication to raising children. She began campaigning for a national holiday to keep her parents after her mother died in 1905.

The idea quickly caught on, and soon, communities across America were celebrating Parents’ Day with church services, picnics, and other family-friendly activities.

After years of lobbying by various groups, Congress finally passed a resolution in 1994, making Parents’ Day an official holiday. The Day is now recognized as a time to celebrate all types of families and honor parents’ vital role in our lives.

Today, many countries worldwide also celebrate similar holidays honoring mothers or fathers. But regardless of where you live or what your family looks like, there’s no denying that we all have someone special who helped shape us into who we are today – whether it’s our mom or dad or another loving caregiver.

Why Parents Day is Important

Parents Day is dedicated to honoring our parents and expressing gratitude for their unwavering love and support. It’s an occasion to celebrate all parents’ hard work, sacrifices, and dedication worldwide.

One of the main reasons Parents Day is important is that it allows us to reflect on how much our parents mean to us. We often take their love and care for granted, but this Day reminds us of the countless ways they have shaped our lives.

Moreover, Parents Day helps reinforce family values by encouraging children to spend quality time with their parents. This can be as simple as going out together for a meal or engaging in activities both parties enjoy.

The event also serves as a reminder that parenting is a difficult job that demands a lot of patience, sacrifice, and understanding. Realizing this may encourage empathy for our parents while motivating the next generation of parents.

Parents Day

Parents’ Day is another holiday on the calendar at first glance. However, let’s take some time to reflect upon its significance and genuinely appreciate the role played by our beloved guardians in shaping who we are today. We will understand why it’s so important to honor them on this special Day every year!

How to Celebrate Parent’s Day

Celebrate Parents Day by showing your love and appreciation for the ones who brought you into this world. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to appreciate them, but dedicating a day just for them can make all the difference. 

Start the Day with a homemade breakfast or brunch in bed, cooked with love and care. Take them out on a picnic or plan an activity they enjoy doing together as a family, like going to their favorite restaurant or taking them on an adventure they have always wanted.

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive; sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. You could give them something handmade like a photo album filled with memories of you growing up together or write letters expressing gratitude for everything they’ve done.

Remember to spend quality time with your parents on this special Day because often that is what matters most. Play games, watch movies together, and try not to let anything interfere during these moments as one happy family unit.

Parents Day isn’t just another Hallmark holiday, so make it memorable by celebrating it in ways that matter most!

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Parents’ Day is more than just another Hallmark holiday. It is a day to celebrate the selfless love and sacrifices parents make for their children every Day. By taking the time to recognize and appreciate our parents on this special Day, we can strengthen our relationships with them and show them how much they mean to us.

Whether through a thoughtful gift or a heartfelt conversation, there are many ways to celebrate Parents’ Day. From spending quality time together as a family to simply saying “thank you,” any gesture of appreciation will make your parents feel loved and valued.

So this Parents Day, let’s go beyond the traditional celebrations and truly honor the fantastic individuals who have shaped us into who we are today. After all, there is no one quite like our parents – and they deserve all the recognition in the world!

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